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Life and Critical Illness insurance*

  • Term Life: Life insurance for a fixed term on a level or index-linked sum assured, often used to protect a mortgage, loan or fixed-term liability such as school fees in the event of the death of a ‘breadwinner’.

  • Whole Life: A higher premium, however, guarantees lifelong cover and cash values at pre-determined points if premiums are maintained.

  • Critical illness cover: Provides a lump sum in the event an individual contracts one of the main ‘dread diseases’.

  • Income protection: Replaces net income in the event of a lengthy lay-off from work due to illness or injury. Premiums vary according to deferment terms.

  • Lump-sum Disability: Provides a lump sum payment for individuals who become disabled through illness or injury.

*All of the above insurances can be purchased on a monthly or annually paid basis and premiums are subject to age, occupation and health considerations.

Pension Planning

Individual Retirement Annuities. Clients may make a tax-deductible contribution of 27% of gross income up to a maximum of ZAR350k per annum, to provide a tax-free lump sum and income for life at retirement.

Investment Planning and Wealth Management

  • Collective Investment Schemes, accessing a full range of risk-rated portfolios through modern 24/7 online technology with full client access.

  • Savings plans with in-built life insurance to save for a pre-determined period of time to repay a mortgage or provide a school fees fund

  • Unit Trust savings plans.

  • Tax-fee savings plans. These allow a maximum saving of ZAR36,000 per annum.


Fact Sheets of our Model Portfolios


Employee Benefits

As we are now part of the Alexander Beard Group, which includes their international employee benefits division, our business and professional clients can take advantage of the enhanced services available to us.

We can now provide advice, implementation and ongoing management of suites of employee benefits which may include:

  • Group Life

  • Group Pension

  • Group Disability

  • Group Healthcare

  • Group Critical Illness

  • Online flex Benefits Software

  • Individual Employee Counselling

  • Group Employee Workshops

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